KURE-LP 106.1 FM, media and radio outreach

KURE-LP 106.1 FM, media and radio outreach

Serving our Local and Global Community:

KURE-LP (Low Power) 106.1 FM is a non-profit community radio station, broadcasting and streaming 24/7 from Desert Rose Bahá’í Institute, to serve the communities of Eloy, Casa Grande and Coolidge, Arizona. Low-powered (LP) stations educate, involve and inspire people in rural and urban localities all around the world. And now that we’re on the web, you can hear us wherever you are!

Roman Orona

Indigenous Cafe

Melvin Banning

Classic Rock

Rick Rock

Club Mix

Helena Esaloma

Polynesian Sounds

Local DJ’s fill the airwaves: Here at KURE-LP we are particularly proud of the outstanding contributions from our local DJ’s. They play a diverse selection of music as befits an Institute that embraces people of all ages and backgrounds

Meet ‘Campadre Chris’, our Station Manager

Chris Ruhe

Station Manager

In Spring 2017, through the work of dedicated volunteers like Virginia Healey and Nancy Sloman, all the red tape and paperwork hurdles had been cleared and DRBI had its own community radio station. Now, all that remained was to develop an exciting, diverse schedule of music, talk, current events and spiritual offerings; acquire talented artists to fill the time slots, keep elevating the quality and quantity of live programming, involve and inform the community… The list went on. Desert Rose needed a Station Manager, and not just any Station Manager would do.

We needed someone who is a little bit wacky because the station is out in the middle of the desert. Of course, someone who loved music and had a background in radio would be ideal. And don’t forget that whoever the candidate was, they must fearlessly face the unknown and be willing to experiment in order to build a loyal, diverse audience base.

How about a musician who, for many years, played professionally with his band all over New York City? Or what about someone who, with his wife Janet and their kids, threw caution to the winds and moved to South America to serve the Faith? Did you know that Chris Ruhe (aka Campadre Chris) had the number 1 show at the number 1 radio station in Santiago, Chile? And what about the fearlessness required to survive terrorist attacks, run national music festivals, and judge the Miss Chile Contest? OK maybe not that last one, but it’s still an unmatched list of life experiences that built a unique set of skills.

Perhaps Chris’ greatest trait is that he isn’t afraid to take risks and learn from his mistakes. More important, he encourages others to do the same. Just ask any of the DJ’s who fill the airwaves at KURE LP FM with their eclectic assortment of diverse musical genres. For some, all they did was walk in the door and express a serious interest in learning the trade. Before they knew it, Chris had them in the chair talking live on the air. So that leads us to the final must-have quality in a successful Station Manager. The faith that, with encouragement, others can and will learn to do it just as well, if not better, than you can. Thank you, Chris.

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