KURE-LP 106.1 FM

Serving our Local and Global Communities

KURE-LP (Low Power) 106.1 FM is a non-profit community radio station, broadcasting and streaming 24/7 from Desert Rose Bahá’í Institute, to serve the communities of Eloy, Casa Grande and Coolidge, Arizona. Low-powered (LP) stations educate, involve and inspire people in rural and urban localities all around the world. And now that we’re on the web, you can hear us wherever you are!

A handsome, smiling man in a leather vest with his hair in two braids and a cowboy hat in his hand.

Roman Orona

Indigenous Cafe

Man in shorts, t shirt and a ball cap with headphones around his neck stands over a turntable

Rick Rock

(DJ Rick Rock)
Club Mix

A smiling woman wearing a blue Tshirt and headphones sits in front of a mixing board.

Helena Esaloma

Polynesian Sounds

A smiling, bearded man wearing a white tshirt and headphones sitting in a radio studio

Melvin Banning

(Melody Mel) Classic Rock

Local DJ’s fill the airwaves     Here at KURE-LP we are particularly proud of the outstanding contributions from our local DJ’s.   They play a diverse selection of music as befits an Institute that embraces people of all ages and backgrounds
A man is playing the guitar. On the table in front of him is a microphone and headphones.
Bonnie Tozer


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two hands, one black, one white, clasped in friendship. Written on their arms is the phrase "Standing together against hate"
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a pair of headphones rests on a white surface. The cord stretches out to the left in what looks like sound waves.
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Music and More!  Find children’s programs, discussions on current events, poetry, updates from the Vice-Mayor of Eloy and much, much more.  

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