So Many Ways to Contribute to DRBI…



…and we thank you

Kelly Hadden

Dear Community, providing you the freedom to explore, learn, collaborate and inspire is – and will continue to be – at the heart of our mission.  


But we can’t do it without generous support.


Endowments/ Bequeathing

A ladscape at dusk showing a lovely turquoise rock.
Kelly Hadden

Estate Planning
Would you like to benefit DRBI in your will?


A simple way to support DRBI is by leaving a legacy for the benefit of Desert Rose through one or more of the following planned giving options.  

Please remember different States have different rules, so it is to your benefit to seek the advice of a qualified attorney, tax consultant and/or estate professional to determine the options that work best for you.

Life Insurance

401k/Individual Retirement Account (IRA)

Savings, Checking, Certificates of Deposit


Real Estate 

Charitable Gift Annuities