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DUFFY SHERIDAN’S award winning painting “SOMETHING I DON’T KNOW”  goes to the  moon!

Click here to read how Duffy Sheridan’s art is bound for the Galactic Gallery

Picture of the moon with the following text: The Lunar Codex. Launching the works of 3,000 contemporary creative artists (plus one A.I.) in three lunar time capsules.

Read more about Duffy Sheridan

A lovely, smiling woman with red hair wearing a green jacket and a colourful scarf.
Anne Perry


From the age of 6 Anne Perry knew that she wanted to write, act, and save the world. Anne was kind enough to chat with us about how the Writer’s Group works and what inspires her. Read more about Anne Perry
the front of an inviting, South-West styled building, painted terracotta pink with a red clay porch and green wall.
Anne Perry

The DRBI Art Gallery

COVID UPDATE Unfortunately the DRBI Art Centre doors are closed again due to Covid-19.  Watch this space or call the DRBI Office for updates. 

A handsome, smiling man in a leather vest with his hair in two braids and a cowboy hat in his hand.


After 3 weeks of fitful sleep, this musician, painter and multi media artist arrived at what we wanted to do with his life and what that venture would be called. Read more about Roman Orona


After a year of closed doors and cancelled courses DRBI is preparing for on-site Arts classes again. Stay tuned to learn what’s coming and we look forward to welcoming you back.

the tops of five paint brushes loaded with paint against a white backdrop
@vinnikava via Twenty20


Learn the basics from pigments to mediums
Stay tuned

two hands on a potter's wheel working a piece of clay.
@NataliaSolo via Twenty20


Potter Liz McMillan leads small groups to create big things
Stay tuned

a handsome woman with dark hair standing in front of an easel and painting on a canvas
@shanti via Twenty20


Learn from one of America’s most celebrated artists
Stay tuned

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