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Sustainable, Organic Farming at Desert Rose

Barren desert land with scrub grass and dried ground
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a woman's arm reaches into a basket of vegetables at an organic market
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Greening the Sonora

Read how Desert Rose is creating market gardens in the Arizona desert

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Take a tour through the sustainable farming project with one of our Specialists

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a small green sprout is growing out of dirt held in the palms of a person's hands.
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Meet the DRBI Farmer

When Dwight Cox was a teenager all he could think of was escaping from his family’s small Illinois farm.  The last thing he expected was to be running an even smaller farm in the Arizona desert!
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Desert Rose Farms Update – Proof of Concept going strong

Leafy greens, vegetables and chickens oh my! Read how the farm is doing one year in.  Image: Farm showing cover and fence.

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Permaculture: Greening the Desert

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Call for Volunteers

Organic gardening is good for the soil, the body and the world.  But it takes time and work.

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