The Desert Rose Youth Academy provides arts education for youth and junior youth, ages 11-17, with a focus on service to humankind.  Whether a program is about dance, music, drama or visual arts, the core elements of that art are presented in the context of spiritual growth and service.  Our young participants endeavor individually and together to create artistic works with their public's well-being always in mind.

Art is a reflection of the human spirit, its expression and desire for creativity.  Desert Rose feels that youth have a need to explore this aspect of themselves and how it will impact their world.  Our programs, therefore, provide the "freedom of spiritual expression in the context of unity in diversity."  Time and space are given for devotions and sharing of what is important to them.  We find that the concept of justice is often at the forefront.  Art elements such as value and design principles such as balance are an example of how a concept such as justice can manifest in their work.

A cascade of mentorship permeates our program structure, from adult teachers, to adult youth counselors, to youth (15-17) to junior youth (11-14) allows for each participant to give and receive guidance.  The intention of the "service to humanity" component is for our participants to go out into their world and share what they have gleaned in our programs, paying it forward.


Publication from Songwriting and Recording Weekend, March, 2012

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