Leaving a Gift to Desert Rose Baha’i Institute

In addition to contributions of cash, many of the Friends of Desert Rose choose to plan a gift for the future of Desert Rose by leaving a legacy for the benefit of Desert Rose through one or more of the following planned giving options.  Please remember different States have different rules so it is to your benefit to seek the advice of a qualified attorney, tax consultant and/or estate professional to determine any or all consequence, tax benefits, etc of your proposed gift.  This information does not qualify as any type of professional advice. 

Life Insurance

As a Friend of Desert Rose, you might chose to designate Desert Rose Baha’i Institute as the sole primary beneficiary for the entire value of a life insurance policy; as a partial primary beneficiary for a stated percentage of a policy; or as contingent beneficiary in the event the primary beneficiary/beneficiaries of a policy is/are deceased.

401k/Individual Retirement Account (IRA)

Naming an individual as beneficiary of a 401(k) or IRA usually results in a taxable event for the named beneficiary, with the proceeds being taxable.  Naming Desert Rose Baha’i Institute (a not-for profit corporation) as beneficiary of an IRA and/or 401(k) qualifies as a non-taxable event, resulting in Desert Rose receiving the entire amount of proceeds designed. 

Savings, Checking, Certificates of Deposit

Naming Desert Rose Baha’i Institute as beneficiary or POD (payable on death) of these financial instruments is easy and effective to leave a legacy of cash to Desert Rose.


Gifting appreciated stock and/or securities that have been held for more than a year by transferring ownership directly (before cashing) to Desert Rose Baha’i Institute can often result in tax benefits for the donor.

Real Estate 

Gifts of appreciated real estate can result in tax benefits for the estate.  These gifts are often sold for fair market value after the owner is deceased with the funds going to Desert Rose.  If you are considering encumbered property (property with a mortgage or other liens against it), please contact Desert Rose Baha’i Institute to consult about the matter.

Charitable Gift Annuities

Through this annuity Friends of Desert Rose, who meet certain age requirements, may transfer an irrevocable gift of $10,000 or more to Desert Rose Baha’i Institute and receive a fixed lifetime income stream.  There are considerable tax benefits involved with this gift.  The amount remaining in the annuity after the passing of the owner is transferred to Desert Rose.  Rules are different in some States making it important for you to check with your attorney, tax consultant or estate professional. 

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