The Round House is a 4,000 sq. ft. meeting space with a library, kitchen, bookstore and expansive sitting area. Originally built as a private home, this unique and wonderful building is a favorite meeting place. A cupola crowns the central room.


The  Round  House

The  Round  House

The Round House has been used in many creative ways over the past few years:

  1. Bullet  Weekly Interfaith Devotional Gatherings

  2. Bullet  Bahá'í Community Meetings

  3. Bullet  Conventions

  4. Bullet  Vendor Area for the Music and Arts Fest

  5. Bullet  A Coffee House/Open Mic weekend

  6. Bullet  An Art Exhibit

  7. Bullet  A Health Fair

  8. Bullet  A Yoga Retreat

  9. Bullet  Holy Day Observances

  10. Bullet  Weddings

  11. Bullet  Fund-raising Dinners

  12. Bullet  Corporation Meetings

  13. Bullet  Study Classes

  14. Bullet  Dramatic Presentations

  15. Bullet  Interactive Discussions

  16. Bullet  Funerals

The  Round  House

   Please feel free to drop by or phone Desert Rose any time!    (520) 466-7961

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