A stunning stained-glass rose window is embedded like a jewel in the front wall and incredible oil paintings by Ivan Lloyd depicting scenes of the early history of the Bahá'í Faith are on display in the main room.

Two covered patios, benches and gardens ring the exterior of the Hall.


Badi Delivering Tablet to Nasiri'd Din Shah

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The Conference of Badasht

Recent events held in Eleanor Hadden Hall include:

  1. Bullet  Conventions

  2. Bullet  Business Meetings

  3. Bullet  Chamber of Commerce Luncheons

  4. Bullet  Seminars

  5. Bullet  Concerts

  6. Bullet  Receptions

  7. Bullet  Plays and Dramatic Readings

  8. Bullet  A Yoga Retreat

  9. Bullet  Arts and Crafts Fair

  10. Bullet  Fund-raising Dinners and Auctions

  11. Bullet  Children's Conference

  12. Bullet  Weddings

  13. Bullet  Family Reunions

  14. Bullet  Yoga and Meditation Training

  15. Bullet  Devotional Gatherings

  16. Bullet  Funerals


Eleanor Hadden Hall front

Eleanor Hadden Hall

Badi Entering Akka

Native American Indian

Tahirih Teaching in Mashhad

Martyrdom of Tahirih

Stained glass window

Eleanor Hadden Hall bell

Historical Paintings by IVAN LLOYD

More about Eleanor Hadden Hall

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The Kitchen

The Kitchen

Desert Rose Baha’i Institute

“Let your vision be world embracing…” - Bahá’u’lláh

A Center for the Arts