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Desert Rose Baha'i Institute, 1950 W. William Sears Dr.  Eloy, Arizona 85131-1129 

KURE - Unity Radio Eloy

KURE envisions a community of listeners who, guided by Eloy bilingual community programming, work together to share information that uplifts family and community life and provides positive pathways to meet life's challenges.  KURE will promote Eloy events, employment opportunities, community groups, available services, and hands-on training for Eloy youth as well as provide an outlet for the creative talents of community members. Entertainment programming will be included, and we hope to have sports coverage, as well.   


Low power FM (LPFM) stations are non- commercial, run by non-profit organizations, schools, community groups, local governments, and churches.  LPFMs operate at 100 Watts and reach a radius of 10 to 30 miles.

  1. The best LPFM stations are collaborative and participatory.

  1. LPFMs air a diversity of programming including music, news, public affairs, etc.

  1. 90% of Americans use radio at least once a week.



  1. Volunteer to serve on the radio planning committee to help get the station up and running.

  1. Invite a speaker to talk to your club, group, neighbors and friends about the radio station. 

  1. Think about a weekly program that you or your group could present – news, information and entertainment for Eloy residents.

  1. Help underwrite the cost of completing the station.  (You'll be credited at the opening and closing of the program.)


drbi has!

  1. Obtained an FCC license

  1. Approval to erect a tower

  1. Call letters KURE 106.1 LP FM

  2. Received (FAA) Federal Aviation Administration approval for a tower due to proximity to Eloy Airport.

  1. Secured a Special Use Permit, good for 20 years, from Pinal County to erect a radio tower.

  1. Located a broadcast engineering company and received a proposal to erect the tower for $22,304.              (Price is without cost of digging hole for base.)

  1. Spent, to date, $4,600 for engineering studies, permits and antenna.

  1. Raised half the cost of the radio tower.

  1. Committed to donate studio space, rent free, for a minimum of one year.

Must be on air by July 9,  2017

All contributions are tax-deductible.

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