Corporate membership is composed of the members of the Spiritual Assembly of Pinal County South. The general membership of the corporation annually appoints a Board of Directors to administer the Institute.


Since its formation, Desert Rose has been continually expanding its programs. During the past few years the Institute has held a rich variety of seminars and elects programs that have explored in-depth subjects such as spiritual transformation, health and healing, conflict resolution, youth institutes, and new believer's training courses. The centerpiece of our programs continues to be our annual and well-loved Desert Rose Bahá'í School held each November over Thanksgiving weekend.

From the National Spiritual Assembly (United States)


“The National Spiritual Assembly is favorably encouraged by the progress made by the Desert Rose Bahá’í Institute (DRBI ) and celebrates its growth over several years into a broader range of services. Many aspects of its operation could be viewed as powerful social and economic development initiatives that are bearing fruit and have uniquely advanced the work of the Faith of Bahá'u'lláh. This important effort should be facilitated and a strategy to realize its expansion contemplated. Timeliness and resource availability will of course be key features of this thinking.” (From a letter of the National Spiritual Assembly to the Local Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of Scottsdale, Arizona, June 28, 2003)


Desert Rose began in 1988 in Tucson with the four-day Desert Rose Bahá'í School initiated by Hand of the Cause of God William Sears and his wife, Marguerite, along with a core group of dedicated friends. When Mr. Sears passed away in 1992, Marguerite continued Desert Rose Bahá'í School, but, with the knowledge and encouragement of the Universal House of Justice, decided to expand the four-day school into a permanent institute. Land near Eloy, Arizona, was purchased in 1996, and Desert Rose Bahá'í Institute, Inc., 501(c)3 a non-profit corporation, was created in 1997.

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